Past reflections for new hopes

We spent the second meeting of the group sharing and discussing what we wanted out of the group and how we were going to achieve it.

It was fun getting to know the interests of each other. It seems like we’re quite a bookish, dog-loving, creative, gadgety, couch-potatoey and chocolate-loving bunch.

The highlight of the morning was not the high-tech medium that ‘awed’ some of us, but it was the bond of understanding and hope that was shown throughout the discussions.

None of us were newbies to a bible study group, the most number of groups one person had been part of was 9 and the least number was 4. With so many experiences, different backgrounds and expectations, together as a group we were still able to come down with a simple set of guidelines we hope to commit to for 2009:

  • We expect to love each other
  • We expect to grow together in Christ
  • We expect to share God’s word
  • We expect to commit to this group

The only reason why we could develop this list is because of the fellowship we have in Christ. May we continually help each other commit to it throughout the year and encourage each other to grow in personal knowledge and relationship in Christ.


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