Mission Spot: Bec invites her friend

One way to give praise and pray for God’s mission is to see how He is actively using us to share his good news to others. Read below to find out who Bec invited and how.


I heard that you recently asked Carly to church. How do you know her?

She is Sam’s best friend’s wife. We catch up once in a while, like every few months usually when there is a big event on. She has a two year old daughter.

What does she think about Christianity?

When she was at uni she knew a lot of Christian friends but her impression was that they went to church only to make friends. She doesn’t think you need to be a Christian to be a good person.

She has been to church and have heard the gospel before. She doesn’t understand how Christ came and died for us, so she doesn’t really understand and believe it.

Her best friend is a committed Christian but she only goes to church to listen to the sermon and then leaves straight after. Her impression of her is that they are really good and they are not there to socialise.

What made you decide to invite her?

I’ve invited her to church a few times but she always had an excuse not to come. One time at a dinner, around two years ago, we started talking about Christianity. I wasn’t confident enough to answer her so I asked her to come to church as someone else would be able to answer her questions.

We caught up again and I decided to try again and ask her to come last Sunday.

How did you go about asking her?

Just the other day we went for a walk with her and her daughter. I asked what she was doing on Sunday and if she wanted to come to church. She said yes, maybe. She could never make it to the evening service but may be able to make it to the morning service.

She couldn’t make it last Sunday because her husband was sick but she said she will come in 2 weeks time after her daughter’s birthday.

I also mentioned about Sunday school for her daughter.

What can we pray for yourself and Carly?

Pray that I can be a good example as a Christian. Pray that she will see what it means to be a Christian and what it means to go to church, that it’s not for socialising (like her friend’s at uni) and its to have fellowship (unlike her best friend).

Pray that Carly and myself can keep in touch and try meet up more often. Her daughter goes to childcare at Macquarie so she is always around my area.


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