Mother’s Day Celebration

This week Mel and I have been reminded about the transient reality of life in this fallen and decaying world. News and events concerning life and death is depressing because it reminds us of the passing of life and the loss of all that is related to relating to a person. A verse from James 4:14 comes into mind. “What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” (ESV). Life is short and we will disappear. It is important that we keep this view of life in mind. Lets remember what we learnt from Easter about Jesus and the hope of eternal life that is found in him.

In a few week’s time it will be Mother’s day. It is a special occasion to honour our mother, to say thank you for their part in giving life, for their unconditional love and for nurturing us. Our church will have a mother’s day lunch. It will be a good time to celebrate this day with our mum and a chance for them to hear about Jesus if they do not trust in him yet.

So come celebrate mother’s day with your mum and the new mum’s at NAAC morning! Start thinking about other mums that you could ask along to join in this celebration.


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