July Mission

Community Goods Drive


In partnership with the ANGLICARE service at Mt Druitt.

Anglicare is a large Christian care organisation as part of the Sydney Anglican Church. They provide care for all people by addressing emotional, social and physical needs and by the gospel message of Jesus that alone meets spiritual needs.

Each year our church engage with the community by collecting tinned food and other non-perishable items for those who are experiencing financial hardships during winter. This year our bible study group be involved in our own goods drive to help people in need and to connect with the community and to share the gospel.

The items that we collect goes to the new Anglicare centre at Mt Druitt, where they provide emergency relief for those who are experiencing financial hardships and also community services for the Cumberland/Prospect region.

Why are we collecting?

  1. Demonstrate practical care for people in need
  2. Connect with people and raise profile about a church in the neighbourhood
  3. Share the Gospel and hand out The Essential Jesus book

What are we collecting?

  • Pasta, rice, cereals
  • Long-life milk, tea and coffee
  • Tinned meat or fish, soup, chunky soup
  • Two-minutes noodles, pasta, spaghetti sauce
  • Toiletry items, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush

Who else are collecting?

There are other churches and community participating in this effort, such as

Where are we collecting?

Taranto Rd, Culloden Rd and Talavera Rd at Marsfield, NSW. See zones at http://tinyurl.com/anglicaremarsfield

When are we collecting?

The flyer distribution will be done on Sunday, 12th July after lunch. The Collection door-knocking day is Saturday, 19th July from 9am-3pm.

Being part of the team

Being involved in mission will be different for different people. We all have different abilities and circumstances and opportunities. John Chapman in “Know and tell the gospel” says “the involvement of all Christians in mission is like the involvement of all players in a soccer team… We are all committed to the same game, and trying to achieve the same thing – to bring the gospel of Jesus to people so that they may be saved”.

Whatever your skills, abilities and experiences may be, there is opportunity for you to help out. Check out the different areas you can serve for this event:

  • Logistics – coordination with Anglicare, drivers to transport items, recruiting volunteers
  • Marketing – flyers, blog page, feedback to Anglicare and church
  • Volunteers – door knockers, support (e.g. background smiler)

If you are interested or would like further information contact Ming on 0416 058 988 or email brunchies at mingnmel.com


3 responses to this post.

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  2. Posted by Amy Kiu on 16/06/2009 at 11:40 am

    I reckon somewhere with a high concentration of townhouses like Epping, Ryde or Marsfield.

    Ming – is the 26th the only day we can do this as its Bruce and my mums bday (yes, the have the same bday!) so might be doing a family thing


    • Amy, no we could do any of the following dates:

      1. July 12th and 19th
      2. July 19th and August 2nd (not sure if people will remember the flyer)

      Any earlier may be too rushed but is still doable if everyone can help out with logistics.
      As we move into August we would be entering the church mission month, so there will be a lot on, but is still possible.

      What do others think?


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