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Volunteer with Non-Profits


Since discussing about simplified missional living a few weeks ago, we learnt that one way to live a missional life is to volunteer with non-profits:

“Find a non-profit in your part of the city and take a Saturday a month to serve your city. Bring your neighbors, your friends, or your small group. Spend time with your church serving your city. Once a month. You can do it!”

In July we will have our own Brunchie’s mission to reach out to a community. This will be a chance for you to serve our city and connect with people.

Perhaps you feel that as a Christian you ought to demonstrate your love and care to those who are in need for help. Perhaps you know a friend who loves to volunteer and would like to get involved. Maybe this is a chance for you and them to play a part and see Christ’s love in action.

We all live in either an apartment block or house and most likely don’t know many of our neighbours. Why not connect with them through this mission? You could also do this individually at your own time to get to know your neighbours. It is a non-intrusive way to meet them.

Be a part of the team and let’s get together to serve our city and to share the gospel and bear fruit for Jesus’ kingdom!

Join the Community Goods Drive in our July Mission


Gospel-Centred Living


After a discussion on the article Simplified Missional Living the general feeling is that living with a mission-mind isn’t a typical mindset that we have as we go through our habitual week. Some ideas sound too foreign while others seem so simple we wondered why we didn’t think about it sooner. Perhaps the question to ask first is what is ‘missional living‘? It is a buzzword that is rapidly adopted by many Christians. It simply means to live a lifestyle with the intention to share the gospel message. The understanding is that all Christians should be involved in the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Is a reason why we don’t actively participate in missional living because we don’t have that same understanding?

Recently we were reminded in Genesis 1 & 2 and Revelations 4:11 that all of creation spells out the glory of God. But as we take a look around in our society, we see that God is not honoured. Instead, we see the idolatry of man-made things all around us. Since we know who is the true and living God, is this one of the several reasons why we should seek to lead our friends to Christ?

The article isn’t titled Simplified for no reason. It lists some clear and simple ways for Christians to make opportunity to engage with others to tell the gospel. While we may not feel comfortable with some of the ideas, the basic principle is there. Make every opportunity to not only be personal witness of Christ but to spread the gospel.

Sharing the gospel isn’t just reserved for evangelistic events organised by the church. Why not reflect on your week and see what new connections you can make. Coming up… is an opportunity for the group to engage in the community to help promote our church. Stay tuned!

Mother’s Day Celebration

This week Mel and I have been reminded about the transient reality of life in this fallen and decaying world. News and events concerning life and death is depressing because it reminds us of the passing of life and the loss of all that is related to relating to a person. A verse from James 4:14 comes into mind. “What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” (ESV). Life is short and we will disappear. It is important that we keep this view of life in mind. Lets remember what we learnt from Easter about Jesus and the hope of eternal life that is found in him.

In a few week’s time it will be Mother’s day. It is a special occasion to honour our mother, to say thank you for their part in giving life, for their unconditional love and for nurturing us. Our church will have a mother’s day lunch. It will be a good time to celebrate this day with our mum and a chance for them to hear about Jesus if they do not trust in him yet.

So come celebrate mother’s day with your mum and the new mum’s at NAAC morning! Start thinking about other mums that you could ask along to join in this celebration.

Mission Spot: Bec invites her friend

One way to give praise and pray for God’s mission is to see how He is actively using us to share his good news to others. Read below to find out who Bec invited and how.


I heard that you recently asked Carly to church. How do you know her?

She is Sam’s best friend’s wife. We catch up once in a while, like every few months usually when there is a big event on. She has a two year old daughter.

What does she think about Christianity?

When she was at uni she knew a lot of Christian friends but her impression was that they went to church only to make friends. She doesn’t think you need to be a Christian to be a good person.

She has been to church and have heard the gospel before. She doesn’t understand how Christ came and died for us, so she doesn’t really understand and believe it.

Her best friend is a committed Christian but she only goes to church to listen to the sermon and then leaves straight after. Her impression of her is that they are really good and they are not there to socialise.

What made you decide to invite her?

I’ve invited her to church a few times but she always had an excuse not to come. One time at a dinner, around two years ago, we started talking about Christianity. I wasn’t confident enough to answer her so I asked her to come to church as someone else would be able to answer her questions.

We caught up again and I decided to try again and ask her to come last Sunday.

How did you go about asking her?

Just the other day we went for a walk with her and her daughter. I asked what she was doing on Sunday and if she wanted to come to church. She said yes, maybe. She could never make it to the evening service but may be able to make it to the morning service.

She couldn’t make it last Sunday because her husband was sick but she said she will come in 2 weeks time after her daughter’s birthday.

I also mentioned about Sunday school for her daughter.

What can we pray for yourself and Carly?

Pray that I can be a good example as a Christian. Pray that she will see what it means to be a Christian and what it means to go to church, that it’s not for socialising (like her friend’s at uni) and its to have fellowship (unlike her best friend).

Pray that Carly and myself can keep in touch and try meet up more often. Her daughter goes to childcare at Macquarie so she is always around my area.

Upcoming Easter

Easter is just around the corner… everyone is buying and giving out chocolate eggs, the easter bunny has hopped into every supermarket and corner stores. Perhaps you wondered how all these things fit in, my colleague found a possible answer:


It is a sad fact that over decades the important story and true meaning of Easter has been hidden below the festival holidays and trifles that our society has embraced. Lets pray that people will see the importance of the Cross for their salvation this long weekend. Please remember our friends and family that we would like to share the gospel with this year, see Prayer List.

Table Talk – Sparking Curiosity

Pizza @ WB

Nilansh, Lex, Renate, Bungie, Mel, Ming, Phil, Quy

Introducing to you the WorkBuddies… as you can see we are well concerned about our diet. Friday Pizzas is the most fun and relaxing part of the week; when everybody can really hang up their keyboards or headsets and just talk about anything and everything.

Typically after Friday lunch we’d leave the table feeling satisfied, not only with a tummy full of fattening and unhealthy food but with yet another interesting and engaging fact. O, the many things we’ve learnt about bikes, places around the world, house of representatives, mountain climbing, 4wd, more bikes, sports, and on and on…

But for the last few weeks religion has been the most interesting topic. Thanks to a scientific-minded person who likes to point out that there is no physical evidence that shows proof of the existence of God… not yet anyway. For him and others who don’t believe in the bible, it is a great leap of faith to put all their trust in the one person in history who claims to be the Son of God.

It is, however, this gospel which sparks curiosity and fuels the debate about God and other religions. How can the bible be reliable when there is so much inconsistencies, or when it has passed through so many hands and translations? Don’t all religion point to the same God anyway? Isn’t religion just a vivid imagination of man’s quest to find a God?

There is no magic on how to bring up such topic. Deep inside each of us there is an incurable ‘spirituality’. However, it isn’t a topic of conversation that can be introduced easily but it takes just one person to put forth their view or belief and everyone would be engaged.

An effective way to open doors for opportunity to talk about the gospel is not to defend or attack but to show meekness. What has meekness got to do with sharing the gospel? Meekness will help you hear and understand the other person and their belief. Meekness will help you be a good witness. Meekness will help you trust in God in your conversation. By doing this you may have more opportunity to continue the conversation. If you want to find out more about meekness read Blessed are the Meek – John Piper.

Frequently, when we are asked about our faith in Christ, we tend to talk of the gospel rather than what the gospel says. The difference seems subtle but in a conversation, speaking of the gospel would be like raising some certain facts about the history of the gospel and its authors, the bible and how it’s the word of God, and other evidences that may prove the gospel is reliable. The question asked normally puts us into such position and it is sometimes difficult to talk about what the gospel says about Jesus. But you don’t have to. It may not always be in that conversation that you have to share the gospel, so instead, listen and understand the person first and most importantly pray for that person for the next conversation.

After a conversation you can follow up by pointing them to other resources. At our work, one book that seemed to have sparked some interests was a book called “If I were God, I’d make myself clearer” by John Dickson. It is a short book and its intention is to get people who asks similar questions to the title, to look deeper into the different religions and see how Christianity is unique. Well, the book did just that for a colleague and is wanting to read a few more books on this matter. In fact, it was so effective that it caught onto two other colleagues, simply by how “interesting” he found it. This must be the grace of God.

There is no one effective way or one effective tool that will bring a person to Christ. As Rev Michael Bennett writes in Christianity Explained.

“There must be the backing of prayer, and a genuine concern for the state of people around us who are living without Christ. Unless we have the compassionate heart of an evangelist, any tool such as [Christianity Explained] will just be wasted ink!”

The same can be said for our words and our efforts. So let’s first seek the glory of God’s kingdom first, have the heart to see the lost saved, and pray for those around us.

God’s Good News

We have learnt so far about what it means to grow in Christ, individually and together in fellowship. In our last study we learnt about another growth and it is the growth of the gospel. The gospel is all about God’s good news. We read:

To them God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Colossians 1:27 (ESV)

God wants the world to know about Jesus Christ. This was the mystery that was hidden for thousands of years since the day he made the promise to Abraham. Now we see Christ fulfill this promise by being our hope of glory through his death and resurrection for us, blessing all those in the world who believe and trust him as the King.

If we heard and believed this good news, and it is good because it is saves life, then it should be natural to share this news with those who haven’t heard it. But we must remember that it is God’s news and it is God who chooses whom to reveal this mystery to. So when we tell the gospel, why not always ask God to reveal Jesus to those we want to evangelise. Let’s pray “that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ” and “that [we] may make it clear, which is how [we] ought to speak” Colossians 4:3-4 (ESV).

Even if we are not evangelising, by being wise in our life, in our behaviour and attitude, and simply by being real and humble servants of Christ, we can make opportunity for non-believers to see and ask about about Christ.

Conduct yourselves wisely toward outsiders, making the best use of the time. Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. Colossians 4:5-6 (ESV)

When our friends asks us to participate in something that we clearly know is not right, why not make a stand, be different and when the opportunity arises explain it. If you get into a conversation on a topic that deals with moral values, why not try go deeper and explain the reasons for your values. If your friends or colleagues or family does not know that you are Christian, why not start telling them. You could tell them when they ask about your weekend.

Let’s encourage each other to continue sharing the good news. Remember that we are not alone, God is with us every step of the way.